Words: Mrs. Lisanne Kleisen | Fromanteel staff-writer, The Netherlands - Amsterdam 

In the dynamic centre of Amsterdam, you will find the Concept Store of Fromanteel Watches. What? A store in an office? Yup, a Concept Store. A whole new concept that the watch brand opened recently. A place where you take a step into the world of the true craftsmanship, unique watchmaking and the whole experience of the brand, Curious already? Then just continue reading...

After the successful opening of the Fromanteel Pop-Up Store - opened in honor of the brand’s 5 years anniversary in 2014 - Fromanteel decided it was time for their own Concept Store. It is a place where the brand gives their customers the ultimate Fromanteel-experience.

When making your first steps into the Fromanteel Concept Store, you will receive a warm welcome and be a witness of a unique experience. The interior of the store was made in a way for you to take your time, drink a nice cup of coffee or tea and to get comfortable for your ‘fitting’. As you might already have some preferences, your watches of choice will be presented and you can even try them on with different type of watch straps. In this way, you can comfortably decide which material and colour matches your personal style and fits you best.

If you’re more into details, our watch experts are happy to tell you about all different kind of functions of our watch series. ‘What does this pusher mean?…’, ‘What kind of story is behind this watch?…’ and ‘What is a Buckle?...’ are questions you can easily prepare to bring with you. There is enough time to give you the best service, because nobody has to hurry. We’ve got time - after all.

Besides that, we can offer you a 1-hour service to replace the battery of your Fromanteel watch. You bring your watch and in only one hour, we replace the battery on the spot. Besides our unique services, it is an incredible experience to visit a Concept Store in a historic canal-side building in the beautiful heart of Amsterdam.

You will find the Fromanteel Concept Store at the Keizersgracht 241 – 3th floor, in Amsterdam. It is opened from Monday till Friday, from 09.00 am to 5.30 pm. The team of Fromanteel is happy to welcome you!