Jun 15 2017



Words: Mrs. Isabella Menardi | Fromanteel staff-writer, The Netherlands - Amsterdam 

Amsterdam – a city known for its beautiful canals, canal houses and the long history that comes with everything you see. Although Amsterdam is part of a relative small country, everyone around the world can say something typical about the city. That’s why Amsterdam is a city people prefer. But mostly, of course, because of its magnificent canals.

This fall 2016, Fromanteel added three new timepieces to its current Amsterdam Series: the Amsterdam Nautique collection. These watches are characterized by the maritime style of Amsterdam, and basically everything that has a connection with water. Think about the canals, the rivers and sailing the big oceans - the nautical lifestyle.

Ever since the 17th century, the history of Amsterdam has been closely connected to water. Where the 165 historic canals were once designed to facilitate trade and transport, nowadays they still define the city’s landscape: during the day a refined piece of art, which turns into a magical network as soon as night falls. This two-faced character can also be found in water itself: it can give both tranquility and excitement.

The Amsterdam Nautique watches house a Swiss quartz caliber-6004.D movement and come in three different finishes – white, blue and dark grey – each one defined with a delicate vertical relief, referring to the wooden deck of a sail yacht. The watchcase is made of polished stainless steel and is carefully covered with sapphire glass. The details of the dial are designed to stand out, but not to rule out the understated look of the rest of the watch. Together, the red and white color details, the date indicator, and the small second form the character of a robust but still classy looking timepiece.